From REBALANCE Client, Katie H.: I Gained A Lot More Than I Lost!

I did not have a lot of weight to lose when I started the REBALANCE Metabolic Weight Loss program but what I have lost has really made a difference in my journey.  85 days ago I began preparing for my wedding, and like every bride, my desire was to look my very best for all of the pivotal moments along the way, you know, the wedding dress fitting, bridal showers, engagement photos, rehearsal dinner and of course my wedding day.

I started out wanting to lose that extra 15 pounds that somehow had crept up on me, you know the little extra back fat that somehow popped up over night, and the thickness around the waste, that your mother has been telling you would happen to you for years. I wanted to tighten up my legs and bottom, and shed some extra winter pounds, but what I gained was so much more than I have lost.

I was reminded through this process that the key to anything you do, is to educate yourself about how your goal is going to happen and then to put action to education. Through this I have been reminded of the importance of goals. I set out with a long-term goal with lots of little ones in between. It has been so helpful to have my wedding date to work towards, and all of the mini events in between have helped to keep me focused.

I learned that less is more, and I had to reduce the amount of calories I was eating and figure out where those calories were coming from. With the help of the Phentermine appetite suppressant, I was able to not only reduce the amount of calories I was consuming, but I was also able to train my body and mind to sustain that portion control on my own. I used the Phentermine as a tool to train myself, and now have confidence in control, and know I can continue without it.

I also learned a lot about whole “real” foods. I now strive to eat only the most natural and whole “real” foods; raw, organic, fruits and vegetables. As well as have learned when I use sugar and fats, that I always want to use the real stuff. Since we only need a little of both in our diets, the more natural and from its original source, the easier it is for our bodies to digest.

I have lost the pounds but gained so much more. I assembled an small army, and they have been my guidance and support. From my REBALANCE team, to my Fitness Trainer Charles, to my workout buddies, to my team of cheerleaders on the sidelines. They have each kept me so motivated and totally on track. They have been the motivation I needed to get to where I wanted to go.  I have learned that we need army’s, we need support, and we need guidance. I have also learned that we need them beyond our immediate goals. Once I am done with the program, I don’t want my army to go away, I want them to continue down this new path with me.

Over the next 4 weeks I would like to drop another 5 pounds, yes I know I said I wanted to lose 15 pounds, but a women has a right to change her mind, right, especially a bride. It is going to be tough, but I am going to stick with my eating plan, bump up my workouts and drink lots of water – I learned during my last REBALANCE check-in and InBody Scan that I have lost some calorie burning muscle, my schedule recently has not been supporting my abilities to work out, hence I have lost some muscle, some much needed muscle in the fat burning process, and that more water will help keep me moving in the right direction.

Oh, and did I mention I have lost 13 pounds and 3% body fat so far!

Me and my handsome fiancé, Cyrus.

Engagement Photo’s – one of my moments!