I’m married!!  What a whirlwind!

The final countdown to the wedding was stressful, luckily I didn’t stress eat like I would have before Rebalance because I had learned to focus, fuel and listen to my hunger signals.  I did lots of final detail work that last couple weeks , those things you leave for last like dress fittings.  I’m happy to say that even with a corset style back that had room to get smaller I still needed it taken in!  That was a great feeling. J  I lost 2 more pounds before the wedding, which I was very happy with and was only 3 pounds away from my super secret goal.  I actually may have lost more than 2 pounds but as I got a few days out from the wedding, and I was very happy with the weight I had reached, I didn’t weigh myself for fear of gaining and being disappointed…I most likely lost, I just didn’t want to risk the peek at the scale!

The couple days before the wedding, I was just too distracted to even eat!  Luckily, my family and friends were on watch for this and kept reminding me to eat.  I also did yoga to reduce stress but remain active. The day of the wedding was the BEST!  Everything was beautiful, went according to plan, and I was just so HAPPY!  I felt so confident that day because I had lost weight on the Rebalance program and worked hard with my trainer.  I was the weight I wanted to be, and had toned the parts that would really be shown.  No more “back ass”! fit and toned arms and shoulders, all on a smaller body. I can’t thank the team enough, because feeling good about how you look is priceless.

After the wedding I did go a little bit crazy by eating foods that I hadn’t had in a while.  Interestingly, it wasn’t worth it.  I had some pizza the day after the wedding, and my body was not happy.  This just goes to prove that I had successfully gotten off toxic foods and was giving my body foods that made it healthy.  Needless to say, the unhealthy eating didn’t last too long and I was back to healthy eating and working out quickly.  I’ve been weaning off of the phentermine based on Carli’s recommendations on how to do so and have been happy that my appetite hasn’t seemed to increase.  I was nervous without the phentermine I would be ravenous like before Rebalance, but I’m not!

I can’t recommend the Rebalance enough, whether you’ve got a life event to work towards, want to feel better about yourself, or have some weight to lose in order to get back to health, Rebalance works wonders.  The program is straightforward, you have more tools than any other program out there, and you have unparalleled support.  Without Rebalance, I know I wouldn’t have lost the weight I did or felt as beautiful on my wedding day… THANK YOU, Rebalance team and SkinSpirit.