Back on Track!

My work schedule the past few weeks has been NUTS – we are talking 80 hour work weeks with back to back travel from coast to coast, client dinners, hotel dining, on the go. Add on to this designing, producing and assembling 100 hand-made wedding invitations, coordinating wedding vendors, and wedding details galore, shall I go on?  To say I have been busy is an understatement.

Being out of town has also meant no in-person check-ins with Carli or workouts at the and private training sessions with my trainer Charles.

Now for reality, yes, I know, we all have these crazy times in our lives, so HOW do we ensure they do not derail all of the progress we are making with our weight-loss and fitness goals?

Let me first tell you, it is normal to feel FRUSTRATED! I don’t know about you, but in order to make progress, I need a routine, one that incorporates the ability to shop for and prepare my own meals, workout on a regular basis and get lots of rest….none of which I’ve had the luxury of recently. It was frustrating that I couldn’t do anything to incorporate those things in my life the past few weeks. It felt like I had no control, that I would lose the self-control to make healthy food choices and that I would slip backwards and gain weight.  Ugh…I COULD NOT HELP BEING FRUSTRATING!

So during these past few weeks, I fought a war with myself.

Each day I would be so tired and run down that the only imagable and enjoyable thing in my life at that time was savory bites – many savory bites of food.  I was working so late that I needed more food than normal to keep me fueled and awake for the 20 hour work days. I fought so many battles throughout the day than normal. However, I tried to remember that each battle I won would lead to the winning of the war on MY DAY, April 27th, MY WEDDING, and would lead me down my wedding path feeling and looking fabulous in my wedding dress and for my soon-to-be-husband.

I have learned so much during my experience with REBALANCE – I have learned to carry a few weapons with me each day, and they made things easier, and a little bit less frustrating.

I can only control MY CHOICES.  Yes, I may be in circumstances that aren’t ideal for my success, but I do have control over my personal actions and choices in circumstances.  So when I am at dinner in a great restaurant while everyone else is drinking wine and eating decadently, I can choose to eat as healthy and not indulge in alcohol. That is MY CHOICE to make.

Listen to my Hunger Signals.  It is easy to overeat in group situations and settings.  While everyone is eating and continuing to eat their entire meal, I tried REALLY hard to eat little bite’s, take a minute to assess if I was still hungry, and then stop eating, or eat a little more and reassess. I am not going to pretend, this was HARD.  To eat only the healthiest thing on an amazing decadent menu is difficult but I did my very best to listen to what I needed to eat over what I wanted to eat.

Eat a good breakfast and keep healthy snacks handy.  It’s really important for me to start my day off right with a healthy meal.  The past few weeks I have been eating oatmeal with nuts.  Eating my complex carbs along with protein in the morning reduces my craving for them later in the day when my willpower is low. I also keep healthy snacks available for long stretches of time in between meals.  Eating a few almonds and raisins helped me sustain my energy and never got me to the ravenously hungry level in which I lose all control.

Vitamin C.  With a continuous lack of sleep, travel and long periods of time in office spaces with stagnant air it is really easy to get sick.  Even more reason to eat nutritious, real, foods to keep my body as healthy as possible.  During these times, I also add in a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice before I head off for the day. Since juice has a lot of sugar, I kept my sugar intake low throughout the rest of the day.

Water.  This is something I am bad at but I can hear Carli telling me to do – drink water regularly!  Many times the feeling of hunger is actually the feeling of dehydration.  It also gives you energy, so drink up!

With the weapons Carli has armed me with, I only gained one pound during this crazy stretch of time.  It’s not a loss, but I’d say it’s a victory!

I am so happy that my schedule is more regular now, I already feel a sense of relief.  I am going to be able to more strictly follow the REBALANCE eating plan, workout with my trainer Charles and take his classes at Fairtex.

Being able to get my InBody scans regularly will help me stay on track with progress. And checking in with Carli will help me to make even more educated choices in the coming weeks, I always learn something new during my appointments and I can’t wait to put more weapons in my arsenal!!