When I started Rebalance and was researching things on the internet, I found several comments from people saying, “Does ten pounds, one way or the other, make any difference?”  That stuck with me and yesterday in the gym, I lifted a ten pound plate (that’s the photo with this post) and I thought of it again.

On me, ten pounds is very noticeable and you can see the difference between now and when I was ten pounds heavier if you look at my Before photo in this post.  I think it especially shows in my face, and I’ve had a few people comment upon how much better I look.

I can certainly feel the difference in the way clothing fits – and that I’m pulling my size 8s from my storage boxes – and they fit nicely.  Ten pounds ago they certainly did not.

But today when I picked up that ten pound weight, I was thinking that that has been removed from my body – it had pulled against my ease of movement, put pressure on my vertebra and knees, and possibly contributed to an injury I have had in my calf and which will not heal.

This post also makes me upset with myself, that I made mistakes to gain this 30lbs which I am now losing.  But I prefer to be more positive and remember that it’s what I do next which counts.