Had my metabolic assessment appointment today with Carli. I really love the information in the InBody Scan printout. The good news is that the muscle and water percentages in me are good. And the bad news, well, I knew that already – body fat percentage is 36.6% which is way too high. Overall, I weight 161 pounds.

Carli used my basal metabolic rate, 1374cal, to calculate that to reach the weight loss goal – getting to 27% body fat – I’ll need to eat 1150 calories a day. Gulp! The least I have ever done is 1400. But after that shock, Carli went over the program with me and I’m feeling good about that challenge now.

One of the tools I am excited about is the app,MyFitnessPal which I have already loaded on my phone. While I am out, I won’t need to carry a journal to track the day’s calories, I’ll be able to use my phone. And all the info syncs to my account on the web site.

I am also glad that three of my favourite foods are on the program – and if you have not tried them, I recommend them,

The Laughing Cow Light Cheese which is 35 calories a wedge
Alvarado Street Flax Seed bread – it’s all whole grain, is delicious toasted, and is 50 calories a slice
Coconut water, which is 43 calories for 8oz
So, I’m set – got my goal, my plan, and my partner and tools. Starting tomorrow.