There’s always going to be easy diet days and difficult diet days, and yesterday was a difficult one.  I’ve been trying to heal from some injuries, but had a set-back.  I was feeling discouraged and the pain was getting to me.  My usual MO was to grab a huge roast beef sandwich and chips from the deli (stupid food comfort) and have an alcoholic drink to mellow my nerves and ease the pain.  This is one of reasons why my weight crept up over the last year.  And one of the reasons I want to work with Rebalance.

I ssoooo wanted to make that deli run!

But knowing that I’d hate to see that sandwich on my journal entry helped me stay away.  My journal for yesterday is not very good – I went over my calorie count for the day (although I stayed under my Basel metabolic rate), I hardly ate any veggies, and I did do some comfort eating by munching through too many rice cakes and packets of string cheese.  But I did far better knowing I am in it with Rebalance and Carli then I ever did by myself.

I’m pulling myself back together again today by thinking of small goals – I’m not looking to lose 30 pounds right now!  I’m focusing on the thought that I am two full days away from my next check-in with Rebalance which gives me an opportunity to have a lower body fat percentage at that meeting – even if it’s just .1% – than I did at the previous check-in.

Seems like keeping it small is a good thing to do until life cycles me around to the easy diet days again.