Back from a long, fun, relaxing, touristy weekend in Seattle.  But for my diet, well, I think travel is the hardest thing.  The options are limited without a kitchen and knowing the way to the best grocery store choices in the neighborhood.  And since I was with others, I often did not have a say in where to eat for the best food choices.

Food-wise, this trip ended up being making the best choices possible – and often that was not entirely a calorie choice, but a nutrition choice.  I tried to order the meals with the most veggies.  If I was ordering my own meal, I got it without dressing or non-nutritional toppings.  I did manage to ignore the bread basket, bar, and dessert menu.  But often the meal was family style, with others ordering.

Anyway, I have my weigh in tomorrow – maybe I’ll ask Carli if I should take a week off from the InBody Scan and focus on doing really well this week.  Then the next scan will be better.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the diet, but unfortunately I continue to be injury-prone, so I’m still not able to get back to my usual exercise routine.  This time it’s my calf!  So frustrating.  I’ve decided to stick to swimming for the rest of this month, and then try to get back to CrossFit, hiking, biking and racquetball in October.