Since starting on Rebalance, I’ve had a back problem, so I have been dieting with a fairly sedentary lifestyle for these three weeks.  Not that I like being inactive as I miss my sports and being outside as well as the much better mood I am in with exercise, but I think it was a good way to start the diet.

During the initial assessment, Carli told me my Basel metabolic rate is 1346 and from that she calculated that I’d start with a daily goal of 1150 calories.  I was hungry a bit over the first week, but I am surprised at how quickly I have adjusted.  I’m actually now at the point where I have to remind myself to get in my snacks as my tummy is not asking for one.

My injury is now much better and I’ve been walking my neighbourhood which is fairly flat.  Today I treated myself to a two-mile trail walk with some gentle hills (that’s Rancho San Antonio in the photo) and for the first time in weeks I worked up a bit of a sweat.

So now, hopefully if all goes to plan, I’ll be slowly adding in more walking until I am able to get back to CrossFit and racquetball.  As I start needing more calories, I’ll have to adjust the diet plans for the days I exercise.  But with the knowledge I have picked up so far, and the fact that I know I am dropping fat comfortably with 1150 consumed each day, I think it will be easier to add needed calories to fuel workouts while continuing to loose the fat.