Every now and again Carli suggests something to me, and I think, “wow, really?”  It’s usually because I don’t want to give up something.  During the initial assessment, I told Carli I drink a Powerade Zero every day.  No calories, so fine, right?  Well, no!

Rebalance is more than calorie counting.  It’s about working on hormones, for the better.  Part of that is cutting down on things which can be toxic to a body’s function – like maybe the stuff Powerade puts in their product to make it taste so good and look so gorgeous (love that never-seen-in-nature-purple).  Carli had suggested that instead of drinking one 32oz bottle a day, that I cut it in half with water.  That way I’m only getting 16oz a day.  I liked that – I actually thought it tasted better.  I was down to two bottles a week.

Then one day, I drank some and then about an hour after, I cleaned my teeth.  Yuck!   Nasty purple all over my tongue, toothbrush, sink.  I thought that if it could stain my mouth, imagine what it’s doing inside.

About this time, I tried Tulsi Tea and found it delicious.  I also think it does at it claims – cuts down stress.  I make a pot at mid-morning and sip it while working.

And I also found that a tea I did not care for hot, is very good over ice.  So when I make my morning pot, I also brew a pot of Yogi brand DeTox, and have this over ice all afternoon.  It’s totally replaced the Powerade.  I initially bought it because it’s main ingredient is sarsaparilla root and I thought it might taste like root beer!  It vaguely does.

If I feel I want a sports drink, or a treat, I have coconut water – it’s delicious – about 50 calories a cup.  And way closer to nature than a drink containing sucralose and red 40.