Over the last few weeks I have had a lot of compliments on my skin. The only change I have made is to my diet – no new skin care routine, product or treatment. Must be the diet!

My previous diet was not so bad. The main problem was quantity – too much of even good things is bad! But I did eat out a bit, and even healthy restaurant choices contain added salt, sugar, and fat. And I had an alcoholic drink a week and nearly daily a Powerade Zero. And then there was the occasional freak-out trip to the deli. Now I have eliminated that thanks to Rebalance and Carli’s suggestions along the way.

I have added more fruit than I ever used to eat – four servings a day. And I have added green tea first thing in the morning, and a pot of Tulsi tea while I work in the morning.

It seems to be paying off in more ways than just fat loss.

And now to some bad news.  I’ve become lazy this last week with the journaling and I can feel I’m probably inching up in calorie intake again.  New week starts tomorrow, and I’ll get back to MyFitnessPal.com and start back on tracking all I eat.  I know it keeps me honest, and with about 15 more pounds to lose, I need to keep focused.

(And a little PS: Am I allowed a SkinSpirit pitch?  While I have not changed skin care products, I did start using a new eye product recommended to me at SkinSpirit – SkinCeuticals AGE Eye Complex – it’s really doing all it claims to do.  Love it!)