It’s been a rough few weeks with back pain.  I’ve been trying to stick with the program, but have been eating oatmeal and toast with the Advil to help with nausea.  I missed a weigh-in last week, and met with Carli yesterday.  I’ve lost one pound of muscle and gained one pound of fat.  I’m calling that breaking even considering how difficult things have been – the back pain has been grinding on me mentally as much as physically, and I could not get relief from it in any position or with ice or with many of the other methods which have worked in the past.

At least I have recovered enough to swim some laps – just up to quarter of a mile instead of my usual half a mile.  But no CrossFit, bike riding, or hiking.  Hopefully after Thanksgiving I’ll have the pain down enough to start doing more of the activities I want to.  And now that I’m not taking regular Advils I don’t feel the need to buffer my tummy with starches.

This all started because I wanted to try yoga.  And I did that because I am working with a peri-menopause coach trying to figure out a way to minimize the anxiety and insomnia which keeps hitting me since my hormones went nuts about a year ago.  But yoga is just not for me!  My spine hates it and lets me know.

At the time that I started peri-menopause, the struggles with weight loss started too.  I keep getting down upon myself and expressed that yesterday when I met with Carli.  She reminded me that things are happening to me that are far more important than the weight loss:

  • I am making better choices about what I choose to eat.
  • I don’t have desire any more for sugar, sweets, or my previous sports drink a day habit.
  • I want the veggies.
  • My good choices are showing in my skin which I am complimented upon frequently.
  • I’m making a healthier future for myself, protecting my life from cancer, diabetes, and other health issues.

So the weight loss will come if I keep working on it.  And I will because I want the exterior to show all the good stuff that is going on in the interior!