Funny how some people can’t seem to accept dieters.

I’m getting great support from some – one of my friends has been bringing me fresh fruit and veg from his garden as well as home-cooked and sliced turkey breast and chicken soup with vegetables.  And a girlfriend whom I was meeting for dinner said, “I’m craving salad.  Let’s go to a salad bar.”  I know that the only green food she’s ever craved is mint ice cream.  I loved that she said she wanted it, rather than, you are on a diet, so let’s eat low cal.  She wanted to save me from feeling like I’m a party pooper for not meeting at our usual place.

But then there’s people I just don’t understand.  I was at an event this last weekend, happily drinking club soda and nibbling on celery sticks, and a women who is in my circle of friends continually pushed a cocktail at me.  It was so strange.  First offer, I declined and said I was not drinking.  Did not mention the diet.  But she said, “Oh, it’s a party!  Have one!”  And I thought that was strange.  I could be avoiding alcohol for a medical reason or because I’m a designated driver.  It went on a bit and she seemed to feel that my choice to not drink was an affront to her.  Well, easy to brush off a graceless person like that, but it was a good lesson to me to be respectful of people who say “no”.

Seems that every week since I’ve been dieting, I come across someone with the grace to be supportive without making a fuss.  And then the people who make a deal of my ordering a salad at a restaurant – “Oh come on – you only live once – you should get the pasta.”