Right from day one, Carli has encouraged me to eat Greek yogurt.  Adding a Trader Joes non-fat Greek yogurt in honey flavor or my fav, Chobani fat free black cherry, to my daily menu has been easy.  They are delicious and easy to carry if I’m on the road.  But plain low- or non-fat – yuck!

How could something so nasty tasting replace mayo – and who would put it on the top of chili instead of sour cream?  To me the flavor is so overpowering and vile that I often end up with a half-used container getting sad in my fridge.

But I’ve been trying.  And I finally found two things I like – Chicken curry salad – chopped up chicken, celery, apple, grapes, and tarragon with curry powder and garlic powder – all over spinach.  And Greek yogurt with toasted walnuts and pomegranate seeds.

I know it’s good for me – in fact just read an article that it can help keep away a cold.

Thanks, Carli, for keeping me motivated and reminding me it’s a life change, not a diet.