One of my friends has been very supportive of my diet.  He brings me hard boiled eggs and cooks chicken for me.  The other night he made turkey breast, and green beans and brussel sprouts with toasted walnuts and tons of garlic.  And he gave me plenty of left overs.

Today I did a long bike ride and got home totally exhausted.  It’s the kind of feeling that causes me a problem as I get lazy and eat silly.  But it was so easy to throw my leftovers in a pan with some olive oil and then plate it all on top of spinach and arugula.  I was eating within ten minutes of walking in the door.

One of the things which has really helped me diet is to always have leftovers in the fridge.  Maybe a huge batch of chicken soup or some already washed and prepped veggies.

And big thanks to John for the delicious meal.