Was talking with a friend today.  She’s eighteen years younger than I, and is about sixty pounds overweight.  She told me she thinks about losing weight, but she’s OK with the way she looks, likes her clothing and is confident, and since she is healthy, she does not feel much motivation to stick to a diet.  She keeps gaining and losing the same five/ten pounds.

I told her that in 2009, I was over sixty pounds overweight.  I had a variety of weight-related health problem: Plantar Fasciitis, a sleep disorder call UARS which was very dangerous and made me very ill, a lump in my breast which needed surgery which left me with a long scar and which the doctors told me I would not have developed if I was not overweight – there was quite a list.  I told my friend that losing the unhealthy weight now would likely save her from some health problems which do catch all of us in the end if we don’t care for our selves.

But she says she does not find enough motivation in that to stick to weight loss now.  So I pulled out my final, icky, persuasion for losing weight ASAP – that’s all the extra skin on my tummy which did not bounce back from my weight loss when I was forty.  I had her look at the bags under my eyes and told her I did not have them until after the weight gain and loss – that the skin on my face was always firm and that it was not until I lost the fat which no longer kept my face firm that I got the bags – and a general loose look.  I told her that even when I get back to the body fat percentage I like to be thanks to Rebalance, I won’t wear shorts or mini skirts because I have so much extra skin on the front of my thighs over my knees that I want them to be covered.  And I have so much extra skin on my rear that I could sew in zippers and use my checks as purses.

During the time I was overweight, I put a diet on the back burner as I was dealing with several really difficult problems and, at the time, felt like I had more important issues to focus my energy upon.  I wish that I had not left addressing the weight issue until last, as I ended up stretching the impact of the other problems due to weight-related complications, and stretching my skin beyond the point of return.

My girlfriend says that as her “Old Friend” (thanks!) I have to help her out as I know things she does not – so, Girl!  Lose it now!

So I could have put in an image of my icky knees, but yuck!  So much better is an unrelated but happier shot of my progress graph – one more pound and I’m 1/3rd of the way to goal.  You can see the two upward shifts – the personal problem during which I don’t think my hormones let me lose a pound despite sticking to the 1150 calories/day, and then last weekend’s wedding and vacation in Seattle.

I’m praying for smooth sailing through the rest of September and into October.