Another weigh-in and I was thinking I had not made a move towards my goal.  Every time I step on the scale is says 150!  If it ever clicks down to the 140′s I’ll probably fall off.

But the InBody Scan showed one pound of body fat lost, one pound of muscle gained.

If I were doing this alone, I think I would have quit.

I’ve been talking with Carli about perimenopause.  I still have not got the hang of it and I still can’t believe how hard it is to lose the weight.  Plus, there’s the unreasonable anxiety, pains in strange places, injuries which take so long to heal, fatigue, and the non-stop headaches.  I’ve been through some hard things in my life, and not been a quitter, but the urge to give up to bad choices for a quick reward, in the midst of this hormonal mayhem, is strong.

Having the weekly check-in and the scans to give me structure and accurate information is keeping me moving and giving me the motivation to stick to the calorie count.

So, I started at 37% body fat, and my goal is 27% – I’m now at 32%.  Slow, but surely, moving in the right direction…