Just had my weight in with Carli at SkinSpirit.  Meeting with her once a week is the best part of the program.  But the second best thing is the InBody Scan.  It’s constantly an inspiration to keep making good choices.

I know the limitations of scales, but I still get on them.  This week, the weight remained the same, so I was not expecting too much with my check in.  But the InBody Scan showed I had lost two pounds of body fat and gained muscle in my arms, core and legs.

I am inching closer to my goal of 27% body fat.  I’ve gone from 37% to 33.5%.

Now that my injuries have healed and I am able to exercise, I am mixing up my workouts – two days a week, I do my favorite, which is CrossFit.  And I definitely take two rest days – three if you count the day I do yoga.  And I am also swimming, walking, and bike riding.  On these days, if I feel I need it, I am increasing my food calories by 200, so up to about 1350 from 1150.

It’s such a beautiful time of year and I’m getting a great deal of pleasure out of feeling more beautiful myself – being leaner – and also, from feeling more agile without weight bearing down on me.  Still a ways to go, though.