A few days ago, I received an email from Melissa, the manager of Rebalance.  Another patient had asked about snack bar options, something I am interesting in too as I am starting to get back into exercise and like to have a bar with me all the time in case I need a boost before working out.

It’s difficult to find a good one because so many bars are marketed as healthful, but are filled with all kinds of junk and sugar.  And others are great for protein and other good “stuffs”, but are not for people trying to lose weight.

So first, from Melissa:

“As a reminder: try to keep

  • sugar-40 gm/day
  • carbs-try to stick below 30gm/serving
  • protein-try to get minimum of 12gm/serving (based on those following around 1,200 cal/day)”

Here are the bars Melissa recommends:

  • Odwalla Super Protein Bar (Safeway, Whole Foods and not the other versions of Odwalla as they are too high in carbs and sugar to really be recommendable)
  • Premier Nutrition Protein bar (Costco)
  • NuGo Organic bar (Whole Foods)
  • Trio bar (Costco or Safeway) is high in fat but it’s due to the nuts.  I like them since no cheap nuts, nothing artificial, no added sugar.  Will only be able to eat half if on 1,200 cal plan.

I tried the NuGo Organic bar (dark chocolate almond) and loved how the chocolate tasted.  Only 190 calories.  And I also liked the Odwalla bar – 210 calories.  Both were nice and chewy so took a long time to eat.  And I felt good while I worked out too (right now swimming only as I am babying injuries through September).

Melissa also recommend some shakes, but I’m too lazy to do all the clean up!  Here they are:

  • Orgain shake (whole foods)
  • Raw Meal powder by Garden of Life (Whole Foods) sold as meal replacement, also have protein version.  Sold only in large containers.
  • VegaOne powder (Whole Foods) are sold in individual and large containers
  • Premier Nutrition Protein shake (Costco)

Thanks, Melissa!