Don’t know if it’s in my mind, or if it’s real, but since I have been working out harder, I am getting hungry just a few hours after eating, instead of being comfy until my usual meal/snack time.  Yesterday I figure I burned about 400 calories weight lifting, working with kettlebells, and then doing sprints on the rowing machine and situp couplets.  So if my Basel metabolic rate is around 1350, and I burn 400, then it makes sense that I am hungry eating 1150 calories.  I failed yesterday – so hungry – 5oz steak was 457 calories – I ended up eating 1600 calories for the day.  But that’s still less than I used, which was around 1750.

I’m going to stick to chicken and turkey!  Less calories than the temptation of steak.

Trying to solve the feeling hungry problem by brewing large pots of herbal, caffeine-free tea (have you Tulsi Tea? so good!) and keeping a plate of veggies on my desk to nosh.  On off days, I want to stick to the goal of eating 1150.

Thankfully my check in with Carli on Tuesday was a good push to the re-set button.  Those meetings are the success behind this program for sure.  And I’m looking forward to next Tuesday to talk about the pressure exercise puts into dieting.