There’s no more sweeteners in my pantry! Sorry guests!

When I started Rebalance, I still had a container of agave nectar around – loved it for oatmeal. But I’ve noticed that by sticking to the program, I don’t even think about any sugar or sweetener at all. I think that my system has totally changed. Maybe at some point there is a turn-over when one stops eating sugar and the body does not want it any more?

If I do have oatmeal (which I do not much anymore as my want for carbs has gone way down too), a few blueberries is all the sweetness I need.

I do notice that I enjoy fruit more than I used to. I’m eating three fruits per day, which I never used to do, or want to do. This give me hope that weight maintenance will be easier after my initial weight loss.

I lied a little when I said I did not have sweetener in my pantry – occasionally I add a drop of rose water to my milk at bedtime – along with a dash of cardamon.