Packing right now to get ready to fly to Seattle for a long weekend to go to my friend’s wedding.  Just tried on the cocktail dress I bought a few weeks ago, and it’s got a bit more space in it than when I bought it – thanks Rebalance!  If I get the urge to break the diet, I’ll pinch that extra bit of fabric as a reminder of what I done so far.

Here’s some of the tips from Carli for eating smart while traveling or faced with the wedding buffet and cocktail hour:

  • Just have the one small drink for the wedding toast, and then skip alcohol for the trip (that’s good advice anyway – I’ll save money and keep better hydrated for the flights and site-seeing).
  • Really focus on portion size – think about it sitting in the palm of my hand.  No more than that is needed for a taste.
  • Have an apple and a drink of water before going to the restaurants.
  • Order smart – go for the items with the most fruit or veg.

And I’ve just been reviewing the Rebalance program overview handbook:

  • Decline the bread basket!  (sigh – that’s a hard one)
  • Don’t eat desserts.

Lift off is early tomorrow, so I’ve got my apple, almonds, and string cheese ready for the flight.