A Word From REBALANCE Client, Rachel H

I’ve just completed the Rebalance “Health, Nutritional, and Lifestyle Assessment” form to take to my first appointment at SkinSpirit Palo Alto. I’m meeting with Carli for the metabolic assessment, which is the first step to getting into this program and working towards my goal. I’ll know for sure tomorrow after chatting with Carli, but I believe my goal will be to get to a body fat percentage of 27%. Right now, it’s around 35%. That will be a weight loss of about thirty pounds.

In January of 2011, my body fat percentage was 26%, and I weighed around 130 lbs and was a size four/six. That seemed right for me, and was not so long ago that the goal is unrealistic. Time for the “Before” photo tomorrow!

No doubt tomorrow will be about goals and the distance to go – how to get there, so for now I’m thinking about what I’ve got going for me before I start:

  • It’s good to start something which will be difficult at times with Rebalance as a partner. I’ve been trying to manage my weight by myself, but it’s crept up. I’m also looking forward to check-ins with Melissa and the Rebalance Team as I know I’ll pick up some great info along with encouragement. I’m in good hands!
  • I have not succeeded in the last year’s efforts to lose fat, but I have done well with physical strength and cardio health. I am actually stronger now at 43 years old than I have ever been.
  • Even although I’ve gained weight, I must be doing something right nutritionally as my blood work numbers this year are the best ever – cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose are all very good.
  • My friends and family are supportive and ready to dive into some new recipes, and stick to restaurants which won’t tempt me to into one of my favourite pitfalls – refried beans!

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