REBALANCE, Kathleen: Day One

Day One: Tuesday, 6/10/14
Weigh-in: 156.5
Help me Rebalance! I weighed myself this morning and wasn’t surprised to see the number on the scale. I certainly wasn’t happy about it either. I have always had a hard time making healthy food choices. Put anything deep fried in front of me and I’ll want to eat it. It also doesn’t help that I’m an emotional eater. I eat when I’m happy. I eat when I’m sad. I overeat when I’m stressed out. The worse is driving home from work so hungry that I talk myself into stopping for fast food for dinner. Then I feel horrible after I eat it.
Being active is typically not an issue for me. I love to wakeboard, snowboard and take Bikram yoga classes. Right now, I’m in the middle of the two seasons so I haven’t been able to do much of either sport consistently. My Bikram yoga studio has been closed for the last two months because they’re relocating to a new space one block up the street so I haven’t been able to take any classes. Normally, I love taking the 6am class, Monday through Friday. Instead, I’ve been enjoying the extra hour of sleep in the morning.
With Rebalance, I’m looking forward to learning how to make healthier food choices on a daily basis. I want to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my daily diet. I’d also like to get back into drinking more water throughout the day because I know I don’t drink nearly as much as I should right now.
This morning, Carli had me download an app call My Fitness Pal. Once you set up the app with your height, weight, weight loss goal and the amount of weight you want to lose each week, it tells you how many calories you need to eat each day in order to reach your goal. The app also keeps track of how many calories you eat during the day through the food diary option. You can even use the app to track the amount of calories you burn with exercise. I think using an app like this is going to be way more easier and fun for me to use than just writing down the food I eat in a regular notebook and having to go back later to figure out how many calories I consumed.
My goal for Rebalance isn’t necessarily just to drop weight. It’s more about learning how to sustain my active lifestyle. I’m tired of feeling sluggish. I want to learn how to make healthier food choices so that I have more energy throughout the day and be able to perform my best when I’m doing the sports I love on the weekends. I just need more pep in my step and of course wouldn’t mind losing 20 pounds during the process.


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