Week One: Tuesday, 6/17/14

Weigh-in: 161.5 lbs

I gained 5 pounds.

I had quite a few takeaways from my first week of being on REBALANCE. First and foremost, I realized that not everyday is going to be perfect. I started off this week strong. I logged everything I ate in my MyFitnessPal app up until Friday. Then Friday, when I worked from home, I started eating whatever was around the house like cookies, chips and even a couple of cupcakes. I felt so guilty that I decided not to log any of the food I ate over the weekend. I did learn a few other valuable lessons this week including:

Prepping my food for the week is key otherwise I’m too tempted to make unhealthy and expensive food choices.

If I know what I will be eating ahead of time, I’m less likely to wait until I’m starving only to eat anything in sight, including cookies, potatoes chips and fast food. The cheapest and healthiest food option near my work office is the food I bring in and prep ahead of time. I know that my favorite breakfast is fresh strawberries with yogurt and granola. All I have to do is buy the strawberries ahead of time, wash them, cut them and stick them in a travel-friendly container. Then every morning when I get to work, scoop out a cup of strawberries, measure out a half a cup of yogurt, add some granola and waa-laa! I have a healthy breakfast every morning. Preparation is easy on my waistline and checkbook!

The Ginger Chicken recipe in the Week One Meal Plan is quite tasty, but next time I’ll bake it. 

I followed the directions to a T for the Ginger Chicken recipe this week from the Week One Meal Plan, but I think there was a misprint. The recipe told me to turn the oven on to 350, but never asked me to put the chicken in the oven. I continued to cook it on the stovetop, but it got a bit dried out before the chicken had a chance to cook all the way through. The recipe was still pretty tasty. Just the next time I make this recipe, I’ll stick it in the oven for 10 minutes or so after searing each side first.

Just because a cupcake is free doesn’t mean that’s a good enough excuse to eat it.

I need to finesse the fine art of self-control, plain and simple. I wasn’t even hungry for a cupcake on Wednesday, but because I had a coupon for a free cupcake, I decided to eat one anyways. I guess I thought I would be missing out in some way. Sure, the Triple Coconut cupcake was delicious, but I wasn’t even hungry for it or craved it. The fact that I ate it and didn’t really want to took the enjoyment out of eating the dang thing. Then the feelings of guilt set in. Next time when I’m presented with a yummy dessert, I’m only going to eat it if I really have the urge to and even then, I’ll try to only eat half.

Salads are the easiest and can be the healthiest meal of the day.

I tend to be way hungrier in the beginning half of the day then at night. All along I always thought I was supposed to have a big, full dinner. It wasn’t until I had a salad for dinner with a chicken breast that I realized I was plenty full after the meal and full for the rest of the evening. It makes sense that breakfast and lunch should be my bigger meals during the day. Eating the bigger meals earlier in the day not only give my metabolism a jumpstart, but it gives me more time to burn off what I eat throughout the rest of the day instead of the big dinner just sitting in my stomach before I go to bed.


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