Skincare for Men


Whether you’ve never used anything but soap and water to clean your face, or you’re curious about anti-aging treatments, we’re here to make upping your skincare game easy. Getting started with skincare for men is simpler than it seems – and we brought in the experts to show you how.

Home Care 101: Recommended Products

If you haven’t taken great care of your skin before, you’d be surprised the difference a few, key medical-grade products can have on your skin in just a few weeks – reducing acne, flakiness, and with time, even helping you to maintain a youthful glow.

Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Izzarelli, based in Newport Beach, recommends beginning with a quick and simple routine that’s easy to stick to. “By getting started with a medical-grade face wash, toner, antioxidant, and SPF, you will start to see huge changes,” she says.

Andrew Ferski, Aesthetic Physician Assistant at our San Francisco clinics, agrees. “A quick skincare routine can become a habit or welcome lifestyle change, not an inconvenience,” he says. “In general, I would say using an exfoliating cleanser is an easy first step (replacing something like a bar soap or an all-in-one hair, face, body soap). I personally love the Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser because it helps keep my acne-prone skin clear, has no strong odor, and is very affordable given the size. It’s also great for thicker, oily skin.”

And if you’ve already got the basics down and want to see what else you can do for your skin, it’s time to talk to your provider about incorporating more active products into your regimen for even more profound results!

Wondering how your skincare routine may differ with facial hair?

“Men often think they don’t need to work their skincare products into the skin underneath their beards, when in fact that skin can still benefit from products,” advises Jennifer.

While the majority of your products will go on the skin not covered in hair, she recommends applying what’s left on your fingers into the areas covered by hair, and she demonstrates this in her consultations. To book with her, Andrew, or another SkinSpirit provider near you, just give us a call at (855) 383-7546!

Our Favorite Treatments for Men

botox-menWhen you’re ready to talk treatments, we often recommend starting with options that are subtle with little to no downtime.

Andrew finds that in both his personal and professional experiences, Botox is a great way to “effectively help skin appear more youthful and healthy, without being obvious or minimizing desired masculine features.” If you’re looking to appear less tired and more refreshed, this is a great treatment to start with, and you’ll be in and out of the clinic in half an hour.

“Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, is another great option for a man who is noticing cumulative sun damage/brown spots on the face and wants an easy, quick treatment with little to no downtime,” says Andrew. “I also love using IPL to treat the back of the hands, an area often neglected and left unprotected from damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. It’s a quick treatment that can make a huge difference in skin tone for the right patient.”

Of course, no man is the same, and the treatments that are best for you depend on what you’re trying to achieve. If you’re not quite sure where to start, we offer complimentary consultations, where you’ll do a deep dive into your goals and concerns with a licensed professional, who can help you with a customized treatment plan.

Skincare for Men in CA, DC, MD, OR, NY, TX, UT & WA

At SkinSpirit, we help men of all ages throughout California, the DC area, NYC, Texas, Utah, and Washington maintain great-looking skin as they age. Whether that’s through recommending a custom home care routine around all your skin concerns, a series of Botox aimed at providing natural-looking results, or a body toning treatment to help you achieve your goals, we’re here to help you feel confident in your skin.

Treat yourself to the right medical-grade skincare products here. Shopping for the men in your life? Get a SkinSpirit gift card for any treatment he wants!