Skincare Gifts for Men


Men deserve great skincare too! This Father’s Day, we’ve put together our favorite self care gifts, so that you can pamper the men in your life with gifts to make them look – and feel – youthful.

Men’s Skincare Favorites

Here are our recommendations for men’s skincare gifts:

JanMariniBioglycolicFaceCleanser_d8ca5220-56e3-466e-a3ef-b6d1f13b5b8f_1800x1800If you’re shopping for a skincare newbie, establishing a routine with a quality cleanser, antioxidant, and SPF can make a huge difference – reducing acne, flakiness, and with time, even helping you to maintain a youthful glow.

Andrew Ferski, Aesthetic Physician Assistant in San Francisco, recommends starting with an exfoliating cleanser (replacing something like a bar soap or an all-in-one hair, face, body soap). “I personally love the Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser because it helps keep my acne-prone skin clear, has no strong odor, and is very affordable given the size,” he says. “It’s also great for thicker, oily skin.”


A good quality sunscreen can be a natural next step from there. We recommend a broad spectrum, physical SPF to protect against UVA and UVB lights – including lights from TV and computer screens. SkinMedica Essential Defense has no tint, making it a great option for men.


For those who’ve already established a basic routine with cleanser and SPF, we recommend upgrading his routine with an antioxidant. We’ve put together our favorites for acne-prone and sensitive skin, as well as anti-aging, in our guide here. 


For those who like to keep it simple, we’re excited to share the new SkinBetter Solo Hydrating Defense for Men. Combining the benefits of a moisturizer and an antioxidant in one, lightweight formula, this is one dad’s sure to love. Please call us at (855) 383-7546 to place your order or email

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Shop online for more men’s skincare, or email for products from ZO and SkinBetter.

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