Is ‘Doin’ It for the ‘Gram’ Doin’ It for Your Practice?

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Most people who want to be successful in a visually-driven field are going to stay on top of their social media posting. Makeup artists, hair stylists, and personal trainers all know that social media can be a “free” way to show off their work and reach potential new clients. According to our latest SkinSpirit survey, the same logic applies for aesthetic providers.

Let’s tackle the big, bold headline first: Almost 50% of clients are using social media to find providers at least some of the time, and nearly 20% source their providers from social all the time.

Curious about how those numbers break down? Take a seat while we nerd out for you.

There’s an inverse correlation—how’s that for a math flex?—between our survey participants’ ages and how often they turn to social media to find an injector, but the generational breakdown isn’t surprising:

Infographic on who is using social media to find an aesthetic provider

Very few Boomers look to social media for BOTOX® providers, while the overwhelming majority of Gen Z and Millennial clients check out a providers’ handle before sliding into a chair. Compare that to 80% of all survey participants who said they would check a provider’s social media before actually showing up for an appointment.

Infographic of who would cancel an appointment if they didn't like what they saw on a provider's account

Eighty percent of clients also said they would cancel an appointment if they didn’t like what they saw on a provider’s account, and that number wasn’t just limited to bad results.

While nearly half (48%) said they would cancel an appointment based on a result they don’t like, 12% would cancel if they didn’t like the provider’s vibe, and 26% would cancel if they saw “inappropriate content” on the provider’s account. (Gen Z was the most sensitive to that category, with 32% ready to cancel based on clashing opinions.)

Want to get more mileage out of your social accounts?

Stick to these five tips from Jennifer Legra, strategist at Sway, a premier digital agency.

  1. It’s okay if dancing on social isn’t your thing. Find what shows off your personality and use it to connect to your audience.
  2. Make your accounts a place where people can learn—making YOU a brand they know, like, and trust. Share tips, inspire them, give them a giggle. Keep them coming back.
  3. Share content you love! Engaging with others helps build community, connections, and trust. Follow your clients’ accounts; engaging and reposting when they share their life’s moments helps build a lasting connection.
  4. Have fun and experiment with all the fun features Instagram has available, especially what’s trending, like Reels, filters, and audio.
  5. Remember that follower count isn’t everything. Social media is a great place to show off your work. And if you need B&A pointers, we’ve got you covered.

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