Note From The Doctor: How To Manage Winter Dry Skin

As the seasons change, so should your skincare routine. During the winter months, there’s less humidity in the cold air and when it’s breezy out, that dry air extracts moisture from your skin even faster. When you factor in the loss of humidity in the air, along with dry indoor heat and the dehydrating effects … Read More

The ABCs of SPF

One thing you might notice on every bottle of sunscreen is that there's a specific SPF. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. SPF refers to the amount of protection your skin gets from UVB rays. It's the amount of time your skin can be in the sun before it starts to burn. SPF is also … Read More

Sunscreen Defined – What You Need to Know About Sunscreen

We all know that we should wear sunscreen because it protects our skin from getting those nasty, painful sunburns. Unfortunately, most of us don't realize how important wearing sunscreen on a daily basis really is, even when you aren't on vacation. Here are some facts according to The Skin Cancer Foundation: Skin cancer is the … Read More