The Emsculpt Diaries: A Journey Towards Sculpted Abs

Jenny Smith has always been a generally healthy person, who eats right and exercises. But as she’s aged and had children, she’s found her body hasn’t bounced back in quite the way it used to. So when we approached her to help us document our newest body treatment – Emsculpt – she said yes.

Emsculpt, released recently at SkinSpirit Palo Alto and Noe Valley clinics, is the only FDA-cleared treatment to build muscle, enhance muscle definition, and improve core strength faster than is naturally possible through exercise and diet.

When Jenny came in for her treatment, she came in with the goal of improving her confidence around her stomach area. She was already eating healthy and working out, and she hoped Emsculpt would help really kickstart the results she’s been after.

To treat her stomach with Emsculpt, high intensity focused electro magnetic pulses are sent through applicators placed on Jenny’s abdomen. These pulses cause supramaxical contractions that are equivalent to 20,000 sit ups in a 30-minute session!

Not knowing quite what to expect, Jenny was naturally nervous going into her first treatment. Would there be pain? Downtime? Would she be able to resume her normal activities right away? But she found that it didn’t hurt at all.

jsmith.emsculpt“There was no pain during the treatment,” she says. “But you can definitely feel the pressure of the device performing the contractions. There is a period during the treatment where there is a loud tapping sound to move the lactic acid but I quickly got used to that. The rest of the evening, my entire lower and upper abdomen was very tight and contracted which felt like a post workout. I could feel and even see the immediate effects even after the first treatment.”

Overall, four treatments are typically required over a two week period to achieve the best results. But after meeting with body experts at SkinSpirit Palo Alto, Jenny discovered she may have diastasis recti, or abdominal separation, caused by stretching in the stomach area when she had children. A recent BTL study shows that Emsculpt can decrease DR by about 11 percent, particularly for patients that come in for two additional treatments. A total of six Emsculpt sessions could help her bring her six pack muscles together and revive her pre-pregnancy body.

We’ll be documenting Jenny’s Emsculpt experience on our blog – so check back with us to see her results and follow her on Instagram at jkreitem to see more from her next few treatments.