The 6 Basic Categories of Home Skin Care


We want to help you commit to your skin in 2019. That means having a regular home care routine – and sticking to it.

There are six basic skin care categories that combined, will leave your skin healthy and glowing year-round.

  1. Prep: Cleansers & Toners (more info below)
  2. Renew: Growth Factors & Peptides
  3. Correct: Retinoids, Lighteners & Brighteners
  4. Prevent: Antioxidants
  5. Hydrate: Moisturizers & Hydraters
  6. Protect: SPF

With some help from in-house expert Karen Fernandez, our Aesthetics Director at SkinSpirit, we’ll be teaching you all about your options and what’s right for you.

Let’s start with the first category: skin prep.

#1: Cleanser & Toner

Cleansing is the most important (and the least expensive) step to keeping your skin clean and healthy. Dirt, dust and everyday makeup can clog pores and wreak havoc on aging skin if not effectively cleansed. Having the right cleanser for your skin type will also ensure that the products you use will make your skin look its best.

Your aesthetician can help you choose the best cleanser for you after an evaluation, but generally we find that a cream cleanser works best for dry skin and a gel cleanser for oily skin.

In many cases, your cleanser can multi-task – cleaning your skin while also exfoliating and brightening.

Toner will help pick up where the cleanser lifts off, eliminating any remaining oil or dirt while rejuvenating the skin’s natural properties. Your cleanser will clean your face, and your toner will then work to prevent any residue.

Get Personalized Home Care Advice

We’d love to help you revamp your home care products. Schedule a complimentary product consultation with an aesthetician in any of our California, Texas, Utah or Washington clinics to receive recommendations personalized to your skin concerns.

Or, shop cleansers and toners online here.