Injector Bunny’s Orders: Use a Treatment Plan

Erika Barry headshot against gold background

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a new client walk into an appointment wanting to look like a KarJenner after one session. Industry pros know that non-surgical treatments can deliver jaw-dropping (and lifting!) results. We also know that those results take time. That’s a point that master injector Erika Barry—best known on social media as @InjectorBunny—emphasizes with both her clients and her nearly 300,000 followers. In fact, Erika explains that it’s not uncommon to have a year-long treatment plan.

“I think it’s necessary to remind people of how misleading social media can be—especially when it comes to Photoshop and filters,” Erika said. “We all do it, but when we idolize celebrities and influencers for their perceived perfections—without remembering that they’re human beings with flaws just like us—it does a disservice to our own self-perception and to the aesthetics industry as a whole. Don’t expect an injector to be able to give you a filtered face, because that’s not possible. And it wouldn’t look good!”

The smart approach to serving these clients? Start with a treatment plan. Read on to discover how Erika uses her treatment plans to keep clients happy and get the job done.

Why you should use treatment plans

Side view of Erika Barry working in black scrubs and wearing blue medical glovesErika swears by treatment plans, and, when she speaks, the industry listens. In addition to being aesthetics royalty in the DC-area with her own Potomac, Md. medspa, Moksha Aesthetics, Erika’s also one of the country’s top aesthetics trainers and experts.

A treatment plan maps out the planned course of services, along with a timeline. (Erika uses Injectors Club for her plans.) Think of it as a tracker for which treatments you’ve discussed, provided, and the results. More importantly, it’s a tool you can use to educate your clients.

“I love treatment plans,” Erika said. “It’s so important to sit down with patients and plan out treatments together, so they understand the process, the downtime, the timing of their procedures, and the financial aspect, too. It’s a great way to make sure both the provider and the patient are on the same page, and creates a goal for us to reach together.”

How treatment plans help clients

Providers have a responsibility to set realistic expectations. The most beautiful results in aesthetics take time, and often require a staggered approach—not just blasting someone’s face with the full arsenal in one appointment. A treatment plan offers a framework for what is possible and when it’s possible, giving even the most impatient clients a better grasp on the process.

“At the end of the day, for the typical patient, it’s just not realistic or practical to think that we can do everything in one appointment to address multiple concerns—both because of needing to use a multi-modal approach, plus it’s not smart for the patient budget-wise,” Erika warned. “Building a treatment plan is extremely important.”

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