The Secret to Creating Instant Connection? Understanding the 4 Personality Types

Provider and client shaking hands

Have you ever met a new colleague or client, and immediately clicked? Those instantaneous bonds are often the result of complementary personalities, but you don’t need to be on compatible wavelengths to build a rapport with someone: You just have to know how to adjust your communication style to meet them where they are.

Adaptive communication is a powerful tool in a medical aesthetic clinic. That’s why Allergan’s Practice Consulting Group trains providers around the world in how to spot and cater to different personality traits with the Insights® Discovery test.

“It’s super helpful in building relationships, leaning on each other, and knowing who to call when you need help,” SkinSpirit’s Allergan consultant explained.

Unlike those 5-question magazine quizzes that claim to conclusively answer questions like “What kind of latte are you,” Insights® Discovery is an in-depth assessment based in psychology, which produces more accurate results. The test takes about 30-45 minutes to complete, and your results categorize you as one of four colors—Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue

The Insights® Discovery Test

Most of us are blends of these colors—we dial up or dial back those energies from day to day—but understanding the basic color characteristics in a client or a colleague can guide you in setting the tone for conversations.

“What we sometimes do at practices is ask the person who checks in and rooms the patient to give us a quick snapshot of what they think [the patient’s] color energy might be that day,” our Allergen consultant explained. While a patient’s energy can change between check-in and treatment, even a quick heads up from the front desk can help a provider match their energy to the patient’s. “It gives us a little bit of preparedness before we walk in and see that patient.”

Curious about your own color energy?

Contact Elaine Lindsay ( to set up Insight® Discovery testing or in-person training. Individual profile testing is $176.50 per staff member, a 2-hour virtual training session is $2,750, and 4-6 hour in-person training sessions are $4,200.

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