When you’re in the service industry like we are at SkinSpirit, delivering exceptional customer service should always be a top priority. SkinSpirit prides itself in always going above and beyond for clients, giving them the attention they deserve while offering high quality products and services. It’s one of the many things that have established SkinSpirit as an industry leader over the last ten years. At SkinSpirit, taking care of clients is always our number one priority. This is why we get so excited whenever we come across another business or a vendor that shares our same philosophy.

We want to publicly commend our vendor, Clarisonic for their commitment to always providing a high level of customer service to their clients. Not only do they manufacture the best selling, facial cleansing power tool that can remove up to six times more makeup than manually cleansing alone, but they also truly value their customers. Some companies out there talk the customer service talk, but don’t always walk the walk. Clarisonic not only states their commitment to taking care of their customers on their website and promotional materials, but they really do deliver. Here’s a perfect example:

A couple of weeks ago, my beloved Clarisonic Pro brush stopped working. Even though my brush was fully charged, whenever I went to use it, it just wouldn’t work. Since I had originally bought my brush back in 2010, I figured that this was the universe’s way of telling me that it was time to upgrade to a newer model.

Before I spent another $200, I decided to call Clarisonic’s Customer Service first, just to explore all of my options. I had heard from a friend that there was a warranty for Clarisonic brushes. I just didn’t know the extent of the warranty. I figured I’d see what the whole warranty thing was about before spending the cash. After some over-the-phone troubleshooting, the representative with whom I spoke with determined that my brush was never going to turn on again. Sad! Once she looked up the serial number on my Clarisonic brush, she gave me some good news: my brush was still under warranty, even though I had purchased my brush way back in 2010! Yay!

So what did the warranty mean exactly? This meant that Clarisonic would be sending me a brand new brush absolutely free. What a nice surprise! The representative told me that she would be shipping out the new brush to me that day, along with a prepaid UPS shipping label so that I could return my broken brush to Clarisonic for recycling.

My box from Clarisonic arrived a week later. Inside the box was a brand new Clarisonic Pro brush, a charging cradle and the prepaid UPS shipping label along with two, brand new brush heads. I wasn’t expecting the brush heads because the representative never mentioned anything about including them. This was yet another nice surprise from Clarisonic.

I’m not only happy to have the Clarisonic brush back in my own home skincare routine, but I’m also impressed with how Clarisonic took such good care of me in my time of need. They certainly surpassed any expectations I had regarding their level of customer service. After this experience, it’s obvious that both Clarisonic and SkinSpirit share the same philosophy. Both companies make taking care of clients their number one priority. This is why SkinSpirit continues to support vendors such as Clarisonic.


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