What Makes SkinSpirit Bellevue Square Special?

One thing that sets SkinSpirit Bellevue Square apart from all other SkinSpirit clinics is its unique location. SkinSpirit Bellevue Square is conveniently situated in the heart of Bellevue, on the second floor of the mall, right next to Nordstrom and Chicos. With this prime location, SkinSpirit Bellevue Square is able to offer clients the widest variety of appointment times seven days a week in a convenient, yet private location.


We recently had a chance to chat with the ENTIRE SkinSpirit Bellevue Square Team about all the things that make their location special. We asked them which services their clients love the most, the products and treatments they themselves love the most and their biggest piece of skincare advice. Here’s what the staff had to say about their unique location.

A Q&A with Our Bellevue Team

What makes SkinSpirit Bellevue Square special?

BVS Team: The entire Bellevue Square staff agrees that it’s the convenient location that makes SkinSpirit Bellevue Square so special. Being located in Bellevue Square means that there are appointments available to clients seven days a week with plenty of free parking close by. Need a same day service? Your best bet is to come by in the morning. Need an appointment after work? There are 8pm appointments available Monday through Saturday.


What are some of the treatments SkinSpirit Bellevue Square clients love the most?

BVS Team: BOTOX® Cosmetic, dermal fillers, Signature Facials and Ultherapy. According to George Baxter-Holder, aesthetic nurse practitioner, “Signature Facials are the ongoing, high-caliber skincare treatments our aestheticians offer that clients need to protect youth and beauty, at any age.”


When it comes to BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers, George says, “These services can help maintain structure and integrity for a youthful appearance. BOTOX® Cosmetic helps erase the lines that come from day to day concentration and facial movement.  Dermal fillers help to replace necessary volume to rejuvenate the face and correct age-related volume loss. Ultherapy is a skin tightening treatment that uses ultrasound to encourage collagen to tighten and remodel within the skin, naturally.”


Are there any new treatments being offered at SkinSpirit Bellevue Square?

BVS Team: Micro-Penning!

Micro-penning is a quick treatment that not only makes your skin feel amazing, but it also allows for better product penetration. Who doesn’t want that?” – MacKenzie Graham, Administrative Assistant


“Micro-penning can take a client’s skincare experience to the next level with this most advanced and minimally invasive, rejuvenating treatment that SkinSpirit currently offers. It makes your good skin great!” –Meghann Frazier, Clinical Aesthetician


What is your favorite treatment/product and why?

“The Colorescience Sunforgettable powder sunscreen brush is my favorite product because its not your typical sunscreen.  It makes life easier when it comes to re-applying my SPF throughout the day.” – MacKenzie Graham, Administrative Assistant


Voluma by Allergan. This hyaluronic acid dermal filler has the longevity we’ve been waiting for in the world of facial rejuvenation. Voluma is FDA-approved to correct mid-face age related volume loss. The new focus on 3-dimensional facial rejuvenation has my clients seeing a much more youthful self coming out to the surface, enabling them to project into the world with more confidence than ever before.” – George Baxter-Holder, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner


What is your biggest piece of skincare advice?

“Get dedicated to a skin care regimen that works specifically for your skin needs, your lifestyle, and your budget.  Let us customize one for you! We’ll take all of the guess work out so you can make the best decision for YOU.” – Meghann Frazier, Clinical Aesthetician


“WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN AND DON’T FORGET TO RE-APPLY!! No matter where you live, everyone should have their sunscreen on them at all times!” – MacKenzie Graham, Administrative Assistant


“Choose the process and program that you will do faithfully. Then do it like it’s a daily ritual. If you know you can handle only a few steps in a process then find those steps that will best demonstrate positive effects over time.  Know that skincare is 10% repair and 90% prevention. Start early and if you think it is too late, start NOW.” – George Baxter-Holder, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner


Any fun facts about Bellevue Square?

BVS Team: For clients wanting to avoid the weekend crowds, the Bellevue Square Team suggests scheduling an appointment during the week, if possible.


For his BOTOX® Cosmetic clients, George suggests coming in once every three months to maintain results. He recommends clients book their appointment early. Start now by booking in April to avoid the holiday rush. Then book the following appointments again in July, October and January. Also, parking is easier to find either earlier in the day or later, in the evening. Valet parking is always an option at Bellevue Square and is currently $7.


SkinSpirit Bellevue Square is located on the second floor, next to Nordstroms and Chicos inside the Bellevue Square shopping center. Book a complimentary consultation with one of our experts today.


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