Remember how the electric toothbrush enhanced the way we brushed our teeth? The Clarisonic Cleansing Brush will enhance the way you wash your face. Developed by a team led by the primary inventor of the Sonicare toothbrush, the Clarisonic Cleansing Brush uses sonic technology with a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean skin and help clear pores. It’s the number one cleansing brush recommended by dermatologists.

Here is how the Clarisonic Cleansing Brush works – the brush head doesn’t rotate or spin. The outside rows of bristles remain still while the inside brush head bristles oscillate 10 degrees in either direction working at 300 movements per second. The sonic technology used in a Clarisonic Cleansing Brush is able to remove six times more makeup and debris than face cleansing with your hands, yet it’s still gentle enough to use on the skin twice a day.

At SkinSpirit, we feature the Clarisonic Mia2. This lightweight, compact and waterproof cleansing brush consists of a rechargeable electric handle unit and a removable brush head. The Mia2 features two speeds. Speed 1 (Delicate) is designed for compromised, fragile and very sensitive skin conditions. Speed 2 (Universal) is designed for all skin types and normal daily use. There’s also a 1-minute pulsing T-Timer that pulses momentarily to indicate when its time to move the brush to another part of the face.

Not only does a Clarisonic Cleansing Brush effectively cleanse the skin, it also helps reduce dry patches, blemishes and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When paired with an effective facial cleanser such as SkinMedica’s GlyPro Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser or Jan Marini’s Bioglycolic Face Cleanser, a Clarisonic Cleaning Brush can make skincare products like serums, complexes and moisturizers much more effective because the top layer of the dead skin cells has been sloughed off by the brush’s micro-massaging action, allowing these products to be absorbed further into the skin.

Clarisonic recommends replacing the brush heads every 3 months as the bristles become fatigued and therefore less effective over time.


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