BOTOX in Seattle is now available at SkinSpirit Clinic and Spa. If you’ve been curious about BOTOX treatments, SkinSpirit now offers free consultations at our University Village location.

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“Today I went to SkinSpirit to have a free consultation about Botox….After a lengthy conversation I decided to go ahead with Botox in the area of my crows feet (eye area). To my surprise it was painless and only took seconds to do. Maybe 10 seconds. I am very happy with my decision and will be back for follow up of Botox and other treatments!”
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SkinSpirit Seattle BOTOX Treatment

Before starting your BOTOX treatment, our clinicians take the time to understand your skincare goals. By personalizing your treatment to target precisely your areas of concern, you’ll leave our offices with a customized treatment that achieves desired results. Keep in mind it takes about a week to see results. Results last anywhere from three to six months.

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BOTOX is an FDA approved treatment that assists in reducing lines and wrinkles on the face. BOTOX has also been used to treat ailments, like: overactive bladder, eyelid spasms and migraine headaches. By leveraging a purified protein that blocks nerve signals from the brain to affected muscles, BOTOX is a go-to treatment for minimizing wrinkles and vertical lines.

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