Skin discoloration happens to the best of us. Luckily, Fraxel lasers have the proven technology to keep those spots at bay, no matter what skin color or skin type you have.

Fraxel is available in our five California locations.

What is Fraxel?

Fraxel is an incredibly effective laser to treat melasma and hyper pigmentation. This treatment is ideal for all skin types up to Type Five. This includes our clients of Asian, Indian and African American backgrounds.

How it works:

The revolutionary laser treatment offers a “fractional” approach to reducing or eliminating pigment on ANY skin type, on any part of the body, with only one to three treatments. The procedure, because of the fractional treatment of the skin, allows rapid healing with minimal downtime and minimal discomfort. This combination of effectiveness and ease of the procedure have made it extremely popular with patients.

Anticipated Results:

The Fraxel laser effectively eradicates the appearance of facial pigments caused by melasma, hyper pigmentation and sun damage on all skin types. Studies have also shown that this laser can reduce pre-cancerous sun damage by 85% in just three treatments.

Fraxel is FDA approved to treat many skin ailments, including acne and other scars (e.g., surgical, post-operative, accidental, etc.), stretch-marks, large pores, wrinkles, age-spots or sun-spots, discoloration and uneven pigmentation, fine lines around the eyes and irregular skin texture