5 Reasons We Love DiamondGlow®

The DiamondGlow® facial is a cult-favorite for a reason...in fact, we've got five of them.

Benefits of a DiamondGlow Facial

  1. You'll get the benefits of an all-in-one cleansing and infusing facial...in just 30 minutes. This gem is a "wet" facial, which means we add a liquid element to the dermabrasion process using a diamond tipped wand to cleanse, exfoliate and infuse skin with our advanced SkinMedica serums. The result? Your skin will feel refreshed, clean and rebalanced.
  2. It's fully customizable. DiamondGlow is great for just about everybody because we're able to tailor the diamond tip and serums used to you. Got acne? Anti-aging concerns? We can tailor the treatment to your needs! Even sensitive skin types can enjoy the glowing benefits of a DiamondGlow facial.
  3. Hello, event-ready skin! You'll walk out of your facial glowing and looking your best for any special event. No recovery time, no wait to see the results. Plus, your makeup will apply flawlessly!
  4. We love DiamondGlow for treating summer sun damage. "Summer skin tends to be rough and CONGESTED from increased sun exposure and dehydration," says Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Tam Lamarre at SkinSpirit UES. "A deep cleansing facial, like the DiamondGlow includes suction to clear the pores and abrasion to slough off or away dead skin cell build up. This is a great way to increase cell turnover and promote optimal skin health."
  5. It plays well with others. Start with a DiamondGlow facial, end with a micropenning treatment, and enjoy an even brighter glow. Why? Deeply cleaning your skin and lightly exfoliating before penning prevents post-penning breakouts, aids in healing, and helps prevent post-penning dryness. Plus, it allows the tiny needles used in our micropenning device to penetrate the skin more evenly, for even better results. Talk about a winning combo! Want more details? We've got them here.

Book Your DiamondGlow Facial

Need we say more? Get DiamondGlow-ing at a SkinSpirit near you! We are happy to offer a variety of customizable medical facial services, including DiamondGlow, at our clinics in California, Colorado, DC, Maryland, New York, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and all over the U.S.A.. Schedule your next facial today!

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