5 Tips for Oily Skin, from Aesthetics Department Manager Karen Fernandez

Do you struggle with oily skin that leaves your face shiny halfway through the day? When your skin produces too much oil, it can leave you looking greasy in a less-than-glamorous way - and makeup or eliminating hydrating products from your routine isn’t the answer.

“What the skin really wants is to be rebalanced,” says Aesthetic Department Manager, Karen Fernandez. “Giving it a little moisture, or hydration, is important to slowing down and lessening the production of oil.”

Karen's Tips for Oily Skin

According to Karen, the key to going from greasy to glowing is in exfoliation. The build of dead skin adds to the thick, heavy feel that oily skin can have, and exfoliating regularly can help combat this.

Here are her top 5 tips for oily skin types:

1. Make sure to cleanse twice a day, every morning and every evening. The skin emits oils during the night that need to be removed to prevent the skin from looking extra oily mid-day.

Karen recommends using a cleanser that can dissolve oils and dead skin, such as Revisions Papaya Cleanser. SkinMedica’s AHA/BHA is another great choice, and it’s now available at 30% off on SkinSpirit’s special SkinMedica portal.

2. Incorporate a toner into your home care regimen, such as ZO complexion pads (available by email at info@skinspirit.com). This can help to remove all surface oils from your skin.

3. Choose hydration products that will balance the skin, but won’t overload it.

“It may be tempting to strip oils from your skin and keep it dry,” says Karen. “But that will actually stimulate your skin to compensate and produce more oils! A lighter moisturizer, such as SkinMedica’s UltraSheer, will give skin just enough hydration to function optimally.

4. Use a clay based mask twice weekly. The Revision Black Mask is a great option for oily skin types.

5. At-home peels are also a great tool for oily skin types!

We suggest applying SkinBetter’s Peel Pads three times weekly (in the evenings) with SkinBetter AlphaRet Overnight Cream right over it. “It's the winning ticket,” according to Karen.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to use light enough products, all around. The best sunscreens are oil-absorbing SPFs, like the SkinBetter SPF stick, or choose a breathable option, like Colorescience powders.

Get All The Products You Need to Treat Oily Skin At Home

We are here to help you treat oily skin with all the products you need to keep it glowing and healthy from home!

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