7 Reasons Why Our Signature Facials Are So Worth It

Sure, you could shop around for a cheaper facial or score a deal for a similar service on Groupon, but don’t forget that you really do get what you pay for, especially when it comes to skincare treatments. All of our Signature Facials at SkinSpirit are custom-blended to help firm, hydrate, correct and clarify the skin to restore its optimum texture, look and feel. Our clinical aestheticians use medical-grade skincare products that give your skin results you can visibly see after each treatment. Still not convinced?

Here are seven different reasons why our Signature Facials are worth the investment.

Clinical Aestheticians

Our clinical aestheticians are seasoned professionals who have been trained to properly evaluate your skin before determining a treatment plan for your own skin based on your skin type and condition.

Professional Product Recommendations

After your Signature Facial, our clinical aestheticians will recommend an at-home skincare regimen designed specifically for your skin type and condition, from their professional opinion on the treatment you received, as well as the ingredients and formulation of the various products used. These product recommendations will come from the wide variety of medical-grade product lines we carry in all six of our locations, and aren’t available at a traditional day spa or department store.

Protect Your Investment

After receiving a Signature Facial, you’ll want to protect your investment by taking better care of your skin after your treatment. This includes wearing sunscreen on a daily basis and following the at-home skincare regimen prescribed to you by your clinical aesthetician.


It’s okay to admit it. We’ve all done it. We all have the scars to prove it. With extractions done by a professional, you can avoid scabs, future breakouts and stretched out pores that can occur if you try to do them yourself.

Alleviate Stress

Let’s face it. In this crazy, busy world, it’s hard to find time for yourself, let alone a whole hour of it. Scheduling a Signature Facial allows you to completely unplug for a full hour, taking a break from your cell phone, email and other demands. For the entire duration of your treatment, nobody will ask you to do anything except sit back and relax in a warm bed while our clinical aesthetician treats your skin with great care.

Reward Yourself

It’s completely a-okay to pamper yourself from time to time, especially in the form of a SkinSpirit Signature Facial. Having a bad day at work? A Signature Facial is a great mental pick-me-up at the end of any stressful workday. You’ll not only feel like a million bucks and be more relaxed by the end of your treatment, but you’ll also be improving the overall health of your skin.

Your Skin Is A Worthwhile Investment

Your face is a worthwhile investment. Just remember, your skin is your body’s largest organ. Your face has the thinnest layer of skin on your entire body. Clothes and shoes fade, wear out and go out of fashion. Your skin will be with you for a lifetime. Take care of your skin and maintain its health in the form of a Signature Facial and good, quality skincare products.

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