Acne Awareness: Tips from SkinSpirit Aestheticians

If you're breaking out and struggling to fight acne, SkinSpirit is here to help! We spoke to aestheticians across California, Texas, and Washington to get you the best advice for clear, smooth skin. Here’s what they had to say:

Wash your face with cold water.

“Acne is inflammation and doesn’t like heat. Therefore, you should use cold water when washing your face.”

-Angela Ueoka, Seattle (University Village)

Keep your pillowcases - and your make up brushes - clean.

“I instruct clients to buy a pack of white, bleach-friendly pillowcases or use old white t-shirts to lay over their pillows. I tell them to sleep on one side the first night, flip it over the next night, then the following night change the pillowcase or t-shirt and start again, as oils and bacteria from our skin and hair are absorbed by the cotton nightly, and pressed into skin during sleep. I also have them purchase 14 white wash cloths and use a new one morning and night to gently remove cleanser. At the end of the week. wash the t-shirts, pillowcases, and wash clothes with bleach.

Oil-free foundation and powders are also advised. Look specifically for makeup with the label ‘non-comedogenic.’

If a client uses beauty blenders, they must be thoroughly washed with hot water and antibacterial soap after each use, then propped up to dry. I personally buy a big pack of the less expensive beauty blenders from Amazon or Target, and toss the one I’ve used at the end of each week.

Makeup brushes should be washed every two days with hot water and antibacterial soap as well. In between washings, brushes should be sprayed with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, then tissued off. You can buy a travel size spray bottle and fill with alcohol as needed.”

-Melissa White, Walnut Creek

Treat your skin right with topical probiotics.

“I really love to use our Glowbiotics skin care line for acne.

Applying topical probiotics to the skin is a great way to treat your skin like the immune system it is. Our skin environment is similar to our gut health environment, and probiotics are a great way to balance our good and beneficial bacteria. Topically applied probiotics create a healing cascade that usually only happens when an injury is introduced. If we can get the skin to heal without actually injuring it (ie. harsh exfoliants, drying topical skin care products, aggressive peeling), we can actually begin to heal, correct, and manage acne for the long term. My favorites are the Revitalizing cleanser, Resurfacing glow pads, and Gentle calming lotion. For teens, I love the acne cleanser, clarifying acne gel, and clarifying lotion.

I like to stress that they can treat acne from the inside too.

In terms of diet - drink plenty of water, limit caffeine, and avoid excess sugar and dairy.”

-Meghann Frazier, Bellevue

Try a detox mask.

“My tip for acne (and for any skin type that gets congested, especially during the summer) is to use the Skin Better Detox Mask. I love that you can use this as a light scrub for blackheads and pore maintenance or leave it on for a few minutes as a mask to help absorb oil, without drying the skin out. A little of this goes a long way and is an excellent addition to almost any skincare regimen.”

-Hilarie Mejia, Walnut Creek

Use Obagi wipes for quick cleansing.

“Obagi wipes (especially for the congestion-prone) are great for quick cleansing to remove all that sweat and bacteria that can lead to more breakouts. Works great on the body also if you can't get to a shower right away!”

-Jennifer Netter, Los Gatos

Peels can help, as can diet.

“I’ve had a lot of success treating some of my acne patients with our Jessner Peel.

Diet plays a role and if they need help, I point them to our Body Department for our weight loss program [available in select CA clinics]. Everyone wants to lose weight these days and have accountability with eating healthier, so there are multiple benefits to joining.”

-Magdaline Granados, Palo Alto

Struggling with Acne? We Can Help

At SkinSpirit, we offer a number of medical-grade products to treat your acne once and for good, alongside acne-treating procedures, like facials and peels. We’d love to have you in for a complimentary consultation, so our aestheticians can take a look at your skin and recommend the best products and treatments for you. Book your product consultation online or by phone at (855) 383-7546.

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