6 Benefits of B-12

Get a boost of energy to kickstart your week with a B12 shot!

At SkinSpirit, we love B-12 injections for increasing energy levels and helping to support weight loss. But these are just two of the many wellness benefits attributed to B-12.

The Benefits of B-12 Injections

B-12 injections help to:

  1. Increase energy levels. If you're struggling with fatigue, B-12 injections can help you feel more energetic and even put you in a better mood.
  2. Support metabolism and healthy weight loss. Shown to boost metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, injected vitamin B-12 is better absorbed than oral methods to offer consistent support for cardiovascular workouts.
  3. Improve dull, tired skin. B-12 plays a vital role in cell production - so a certain amount is needed to promote healthy skin (and hair!).
  4. Increase mental focus and concentration. B-12 supports healthy blood cells, nerve cells and proteins, helping you to stay sharper and more focused.
  5. Boost the immune system. Low levels of B-12 can impact the body's ability to fight off infection, so taking B-12 injections can help keep you healthy.
  6. Improve sleep quality. Vitamin B-12 helps regulate your energy levels for more consistent sleep from night to night.

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