Sculptra 101: Discover the Benefits of Sculptra Injections

If you’re curious about filler, but nervous about trying something new, Sculptra could be the natural-looking solution you’ve been waiting for. Sculptra is a dermal injectable that builds subtle results over time for a less “done” look. It creates healthy skin under the surface by replacing lost collagen and gradually minimizing shallow-to-deep facial wrinkles and folds.

SkinSpirit’s Libby Bauman, (RN, CANS), says she loves using Sculptra on her clients because it provides “pan-facial volume” without “overfilling” the face.” The slow evolution of collagen and volume Sculptra lends is a natural and beautiful way to maintain structure and volume, in all the right places,” Bauman explained.

Marie Kardjian, (RN, BSN, MPA), at SkinSpirit’s Walnut Creek location, agrees. “I like Sculptra because it looks very natural on an individual. Sometimes hyaluronic acid fillers can look a little heavy on some patients—especially when you need to restore a lot of volume.”

What to expect from Sculptra injections

Sculptra is perfect for anyone who wants to maintain a sculpted look and boost collagen production. Kardjian says she uses it most often in clients between the ages of 30 and 60 who are looking for a low-maintenance, natural look.

Here's how it works:

Sculptra is injected deep into the dermis layer in a series of treatments to help reinforce the skin’s structure by gradually replacing lost collagen for increased volume and visibly smoother skin that looks youthful and natural. It's particularly effective at addressing nasolabial folds, marionette lines and chin wrinkles in the face, as well as wrinkly skin in the body.

Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Restylane and Juvederm, which take about two weeks for peak results, Sculptra hits its prime after 2-3 months - but results can last up to two years.

“The differences are notable over time, and continue for two years and beyond—allowing you to build slowly,” Bauman said. “Sculptra is easy-maintenance, and we revisit annually after a good base to see how things are looking.”

Benefits of Sculptra injections for the body

Sculptra is frequently touted as a solution to restore facial volume, but it works in other hard to treat areas, too - treating skin texture, wrinkles, dimpling, improving skin quality in the decolette, arms, thighs, and knees, and enhancing the buttocks.

Yes, that's right. Sculptra is one of the most successful non-surgical options available for enhancing the buttocks and restoring lost volume to the hip dip area.

Is Sculptra filler?

Sculptra is an injectable, but Bauman emphasizes that it’s not a filler. Think of it as a fertilizer for collagen production. It encourages your body to make more collagen, but it doesn’t actually add volume on its own.

It’s compatible with lots of other treatments, as well. Bauman recommends Sculptra with Ultherapy skin tightening treatments, and suggests fine tuning the areas around the eyes and mouth with hyaluronic filler. Kardjian likes using Sculptra in conjunction with Fotona 4D laser treatments (available in select SkinSpirit clinics).

Contour where you want, volumize where you need with Sculptra injections. However you choose to try Sculptra, the first step is meeting with a provider to understand the full range options. Ready for a natural-looking collagen boost? Schedule your free consultation today.



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