It’s Time to Break Up With Your Make Up

At SkinSpirit, we love makeup as much as the next gal. Great makeup can take you from plain to glamorous with just a few careful swipes of a brush. It can hide your flaws and accent the positive features in your face.

But, wearing makeup regularly can also have a negative impact on your skin, clogging your pores and leading to acne. SkinSpirit practitioners across California, Washington, and Texas are using this time at home to go makeup free and embrace the skin they’re in - and so far, they are loving the benefits!

Benefits of Going Make Up Free

“I can’t think of a better time [than when we are all home] to let your skin breathe,” says Master Aesthetician Meaghan Liddell, from SkinSpirit University Village.

Lindsay Doyle, Certified Medical Assistant in Austin - and a true makeup lover herself, agrees. According to Lindsay, make up can:

  • Clog your pores
  • Hold onto bacteria
  • Lead to acne
  • Add a barrier not allowing your skincare products to penetrate
  • Aggravate fine lines around your eyes

If you’re in a warm location like she is, you may also find being in AC daily can dehydrate your skin. Going makeup free can help negate those negative effects - so that when it’s time to leave our homes once again, your skin will be absolutely glowing!

Share Your Bare Face With Us

We’d like to invite you to go makeup free with us! Tag us in your bare faced photos @skinspirit and use the #breakupwithyourmakeup to join us in embracing your natural glow. We can’t wait to see your gorgeous, glowing faces!

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Lindsay Doyle at SkinSpirit Austin. Instagram: @skintheorist_lindsay[/caption]

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Meaghan Liddell at SkinSpirit University Village. Instagram: @thewillowdrop[/caption]

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Magdaline Granados at SkinSpirit Palo Alto. Instagram: @magnifiedglow[/caption]

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