CoolTone™ Has Landed at SkinSpirit

CoolTone™ by CoolSculpting has just landed at SkinSpirit Newport Beach, Los Gatos, Mill Valley, Austin, and Walnut Creek clinics, with more locations coming soon. We are excited to be one of the first providers in the US to offer this groundbreaking, muscle-stimulating body toning treatment.

Jenn Izzarelli, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner at our Newport Beach clinic and spa, is touting the muscle toning and tightening results she is seeing in her patients.

“I think of CoolTone as superhuman,” she says. “This machine can take our muscles to 100 percent, causing a supra-maximal contraction. This is something we can rarely achieve, even in the gym.  For example, our brain will only allow our muscles enough energy to emit a certain maximum voluntary contraction during weight lifting. CoolTone overrides our brain and allows our muscles to work at full capacity.”

A Proven Muscle Toning Solution

CoolTone™  comes to us with the highest medical pedigree. It is produced and marketed by Allergan, the company that brings us the can’t-live-without injectable solution, Botox®, and the makers of proven fat reduction solution, CoolSculpting. So you can feel confident that there is reliable science and testing supporting the claims made by the manufacturer of this exciting technology.

Cooltone™ is also FDA-cleared for toning, firming, contouring and strengthening the muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

This type of muscle toning treatment  works best for people who already have some muscle definition and a low BMI, according to Jenn, but need assistance in achieving the ultimate muscular definition. New moms and those who haven’t been able to exercise due to injury, for example are great candidates for CoolTone treatment.

How Does CoolTone Sculpt Your Muscles?

CoolTone™ uses Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (MMS) technology to target the muscle beneath the skin and fat, inducing muscle contractions using electromagnetic waves. It is an isometric exercise that works on the fast twitch muscles, which are hard to engage on your own, according to Jenn.

The body responds to these contractions by strengthening the muscle fibers, leaving the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks more defined and more toned after treatment. No surgery or downtime needed!

Your CoolTone™ treatment itself is oh-so-simple. No preparation is necessary, and it takes approximately 30 minutes from start to finish. During your treatment, a paddle is placed on the skin, selectively targeting muscles of the abdomen, buttocks or thigh. With absolutely no downtime and no side effects, you may return to daily activities immediately after treatment.

CoolTone™ requires a series of four to six sessions, and we ask that you come in once to twice per week to achieve the best outcome.

Benefits of CoolTone

Proven benefits of CoolTone range from improved muscular definition in the abdomen to a lifted buttocks and an increase in core strength. Jenn has also noticed an improvement in the appearance of cellulite and laxity in some patients.

Additionally, those suffering from Diastasis Recti, which causes a separation of the rectus abdominis muscles, have seen an improvement in the condition. Diastasis Recti often affects moms after childbirth and contributes to a larger belly, weakened abs, and back tension - so we are more than a little excited about the possibilities.

While some patients have noted an improvement in core engagement and posture immediately after a CoolTone treatment, it can generally take 30-60 days to see your best results. From there, they typically last three to six months and can last much longer with maintenance treatments done once to twice a year, along with continued exercise and diet management.

Please note that because CoolTone™ is an electrically powered device with copper coils, it is not an appropriate treatment for individuals with pacemakers or copper IUDs. It also means you cannot use your cellphone or Apple watch while connected to CoolTone™ - but we’ll get you in and out in just 30 minutes, so you won’t be away from your devices for long!

Find Out If You’re a Candidate at SkinSpirit Locations in CA, WA & TX

Are you ready to see the difference CoolTone can make in your abs and buttocks? It’s never been easier to get that superhero body! Just book an appointment for a free consultation at a SkinSpirit near you and enjoy the powerful energy and results of a CoolTone™ muscle toning treatment.

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