The Emsculpt Diaries Part II: Treating Diastasis Recti (DR)

Recently, we shared that we'd be following Palo Alto client Jenny Smith on her journey towards sculpted abs with Emsculpt. If you missed it, we recommend checking out Part I of Jenny's Emsculpt diaries as she shares what her first treatment felt like.

Today, we'd like to update you on her journey:

Jenny has completed the four recommended Emsculpt treatments that most clients require to see their best results. But, in working with our Palo Alto body experts, she's found that she has Diastasis Recti (DR), or stretching of the abdominals that occurs as a result of pregnancy. Clinical studies show that Emsculpt can provide improvement in patients with DR, particularly when a patient undergoes an additional two treatments. Now that she has completed four treatments, Jenny has already started to see some results, but she's elected to have the two more sessions to see if she can bring those stretched out muscles together.

Rather than speak for her, we'll let Jenny share her experience first-hand. Here's what she has to say about treating Diastasis Recti with Emsculpt, and what she's seen so far in her first four treatments at SkinSpirit.

Follow Jenny Through Her Emsculpt Experience

We're excited to see that Jenny has already started to notice some toning in her abdominal area, but the journey's not over for her quite yet. Most patients see maximum results from 30-60 days after their last Emsculpt session. We'll be touching base with Jenny then to see how Emsculpt has helped not only tone her abs, but improve her DR, and sharing her before and after photos with you.

Check back with us soon on our blog or Instagram for more from Jenny's Emsculpt diaries!

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