How to Get the Best Botox Results

At SkinSpirit, Botox has long been our favorite treatment, smoothing away wrinkles to reveal a youthful glow. But did you know? Botox is most effective when used in all three treatment areas of the upper face, and repeated three times a year. The result? You'll look like you - only with noticeably smoother lines.

Inspired by the stories of real Botox Cosmetic patients, the Look of 3 describes how the magic number "three" brings everything together - so that you can have just the look you're looking for.

Three Times the Botox Results

botox look of 3

To get the best Botox results, we recommend:

3 Treatment Areas - BOTOX® Cosmetic is FDA-approved to temporarily improve the look of three areas―moderate to severe frown lines, crow's feet lines, and forehead lines.

Because these three muscle groups are connected, you'll get a more balanced look if they're all treated at once. Who wants that frozen look when only one area is treated and the others aren't? Not us. We'll work with you to create the soft, smooth, even result you deserve.

3 Times A Year - Staying consistent with your treatments is so important to maintaining your ideal results. Touch ups with BOTOX® Cosmetics at least three times a year, spaced at least 90 days apart, provide results that you're sure to love.

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