Have You Ever Considered Getting a Back Facial?

Since this was my first back facial ever, I asked Laura, one of our estheticians in Mill Valley to talk me through the entire service. For 45 minutes, I laid face down on the table while Laura gave my back some major TLC.  First, she started off with giving the entire area a glycolic deep cleanse. Then for exfoliation, Laura performed microdermabrasion all over my back, followed by applying a resurfacer. After exfoliation, Laura did a few extractions. Usually, this is my least favorite portion of a facial. Surprisingly the extractions felt NOTHING like they feel on the face. That’s because the skin on the back is thicker and much more tough than the skin on the face. Laura told me that I had some inflammation from the extractions, which is totally normal. To reduce the inflammation immediately, she put a little bit of liquid nitrogen on the extracted areas. Liquid nitrogen not only cuts down inflammation fast, but it also acts as an antibacterial treatment. Once the extraction portion of the Back Facial was over, Laura applied a mask all over my back and let my skin sit under steam for a few minutes. Then she gently removed the mask and applied a sheer hydrator with a light massage.

Back facials are a great service to have throughout the year. Not only do Back Facials help prepare your skin for a summer season full of bikinis, bathing suits and strapless dresses, but this service targets annoying conditions that can happen year-round like back acne. For me, the biggest issue I have with my back is the mild acne I get from wearing a sports bra at the gym throughout the year. I love running and Bikram yoga, but I don’t love the havoc my sweaty sports bra can have on my skin.

After my back facial with Laura, I noticed a huge improvement in the normally bumpy area on the back of my neck and shoulders. Thanks to Laura, my skin was rehydrated and revitalized after my service. She left my back looking and feeling much more healthy, radiant and most importantly summer-ready!

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