Home Care for the Skincare Minimalist

Lengthy home care routines aren’t for everyone. Sometimes the last thing we want to do is invest time on a 10 step routine at the end of a long day - even less so when we’re on the-go, working, going to the gym, taking care of the kids, etc. Fortunately you can still take great care of your skin, using just a few high quality, medical-grade products.

We’ve put together some of our favorites for providing comprehensive skin health benefits, perfect for the skincare minimalist looking to pair down their routine.

Simplify Your Routine with these Multitasking Skincare Products


Sente Bio Complete Serum

3-in-1 skin rejuvenation serum, retinoid, and moisturizer

We love Sente Bio Complete because it delivers intensive hydration along with an effective yet tolerable retinol. This is a great anti-aging product for those with sensitive skin, skin that has historically not tolerated retinols, or those who are new to retinols.

“I love this for those with chronic redness that derives from dehydration and epithelial build up,” says Karen Fernandez, Head of Aesthetics.


Sente Dermal Contour Pressed Serum

Combining skin rejuvenation with deep hydration

For anyone who is severely dehydrated and can’t seem to get enough moisture or hydration, Karen recommends Sente’s Dermal Contour Pressed Serum. It’s also gentle enough to use after most treatments, including those involving some downtime, such as microneedling or a chemical peel.

SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream

Hydrates + protects the skin, with anti-aging benefits


One of our favorite multi-tasking hydrators, SkinMedica’s Dermal Repair Cream contains Vitamin E and C - meaning it can serve as both your moisturizer and your antioxidant. Anti-aging benefits include its ability to address skin tightening and soften fine lines.

Get a Custom Skincare Regimen

We are happy to offer complimentary consultations to get you on the right skincare regimen for you! Get advice on the best multitasking skincare products and more from clinical aestheticians nationwide: please call (855) 383-7546 or book online here.

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