George Baxter, Pioneer of the "Northwest Natural Look" Gets to the Heart of Facial Aesthetics

Describing his work as “a little pop” in the lips and a tightening of the skin on the cheeks, George sees his syringe as a kind of paintbrush. “The long and short of it is that I’m an artist, and I get to explore the art with human anatomy through a way that’s non-invasive and establishing a relationship with my clients that is ongoing. I can use both my science and art, abilities and consciousness to make a change in the world,” he says.

George was honored as one of RealSelf’s Most Loved Injectors in their 2017 competition which included over 20,000 voters. To this outpouring of support he joyfully said, “Thank you! To all my clients who trust me with their face!” Learn more about George Baxter-Holder and his extensive background in aesthetics, and book a free consultation today!


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